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In order to maximize performance and achieve the best results, your radio system requires a solid infrastructure. Ci is experienced in designing systems that incorporate the latest technology while meeting the P25 standard for public safety communications, providing you interoperability with local public safety agencies.

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The Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access (VIDA) services platform integrates Critical Services, Converged Communications and Integrated Applications into a fully scalable, feature-rich communications solution for the public safety and professional communications market. The VIDA services platform provides unified, interoperable communications for voice, data and applications across a multitude of technologies ranging from LMR narrowband to LTE broadband data networks. The latest evolution of this mission-critical communications services platform does not limit users to a single radio access technology—and the inevitable tradeoffs in coverage, cost and features. Instead, by allowing optimal technologies that meet each user’s needs, the VIDA platform supports the co-mingling of appropriately-selected technologies that best serve the diverse needs of all user groups operating on the system. The result is an integrated, cost-effective IP-based communications infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and easily expanded.

Two47 Base Station

Two47 Base Station

Access tomorrow’s technology today with a base station that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, while giving you the flexibility to build the system that’s right for you. Communicate with any P25 device. Manage and update your system from anywhere. Compact units with customizable layouts will save you space, energy and money. With hardware that is rugged, resilient, and protected around the clock, you’ll never second-guess your connection.



The MASTR® V IP Simulcast System provides an end-to-end, all-digital system based on the proven MASTR V hardware platform. The system is composed of a MASTR V IP Control Point, MASTR V Transmit sites, and optional MASTR V Auxiliary Receiver sites. Since the MASTR V IP Simulcast System simultaneously repeats the same radio signal from multiple geographic locations at the same time, deploying an IP simulcast system can significantly reduce the number of required physical sites.



The Mastr® V Base Station provides secure digital trunked communications for mission-critical applications, supports the P25 Common Air Interface and operates on a secure, scalable Internet Protocol (IP) network



The Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) Gateway provides TIA-standardized network-level communication between Project 25 (P25) radio systems regardless of manufacturer, allows authorized radios to roam between P25 systems, and prevents ID overlaps by assigning temporary unit and group IDs to roaming users.



The Interoperability Gateway is a multi-channel analog voice interface for OpenSky®, NetworkFirst®, and Project 25 (Phase 1 and Phase 2) packet-switched digital networks. The modular design supports up to 12 audio channels and is used to connect existing analog equipment, such as consoles and analog voice base stations, to the Internet Protocol (IP) digital network.



Engineered with multiple levels of redundancy, the TN9400 ensures continuous communications through highly available server clusters, site trunking and failsoft. Using web-based management tools, organizations can also maximize efficiencies with remote fleet monitoring, network configuration and system upgrades. End-to-end encryption is built in for secure transmissions. This P25 solution also supports worker safety through capabilities for multiple call types, radio alerts, text messaging and status updates.

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