DMR Portables

DMR Portable products offered by Communications International.

TP9300 DMR Portable Radio

The Tait TP9300 DMR portables are engineered with four different operating modes, allowing users to roam between MPT 1327 and DMR trunked networks (Tier 3), and between conventional FM and DMR conventional networks (Tier 2).

These multimode solutions communicate between legacy, current and new standard radios; easing migration complexities and costs while increasing interoperability. Enhanced vocoder assures clear voice communications even in noisy environments. Plus, Lone Worker, Man Down, and integrated GPS technology provides control centers with real-time ability to track and locate users within the network, increasing both safety and efficiency.

TP9300 DMR Portable Radio

TP9361 IS (Intrinsically Safe) Portable DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 Radio

With operation in four modes and complete DMR compliance, the TP9361 IS reduces migration risks while enhancing user functions and interoperability. The portable supports up to 2,000 channels with the ability to isolate calls so individuals or groups can confer without interference from other traffic. Organizations can better track workforce safety with the portable’s integrated GPS, man down alerts and data messaging for status, location and texts. And, all communications are secured through AES encryption.

The Tait TP9361 IS Portable delivers safe operation in hazardous conditions with technologies to prevent sparking, overheating or short circuits caused by dust and other contaminants. Built to last, this DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 Radio, powered by Tait, meets MIL standards for the most rugged applications, and includes a protective water-shedding grille ensuring voice clarity in wet environments.

TP9361 IS Portable DMR Radio
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