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P25 Mobile Radios

Simple to operate, Harris’ mobile radios are rugged and dependable, allowing you to focus on the situation at hand.

XG-100M Two Way Mobile Radio

The XG-100M full-spectrum radio is the only mobile on the market that operates on both P25 digital and conventional analog on VHF, UHF-L, UHF-H and 700/800 MHz bands. Coupled with a low-band amplifier, this radio can also operate from 30-50 MHz. With its 16-bit touchscreen control head, it supports both AES and DES encryption and is P25 Phase 2 capable.

XG-75M Two Way Mobile Radio

A workhorse for Public Safety users and other agencies around the world, the XG-75M radio is a multimode mobile that delivers end-to-end encrypted digital voice and data communications, and is P25 Phase 2 capable.

Tough radio, delivering secure communications

Designed to meet the critical demands of its users, this multimode mobile combines end-to-end encrypted digital voice and data with innovative features such as Control and Status Services.

XG-25M Two Way Mobile Radio

The XG-25M meets the challenge. Armed with Bluetooth® functionality and ready for operation in the narrowband frequencies, the XG-25M is the economical solution for those who seek out the best in radio value. The XG-25M accomplishes this without sacrificing the functionality that is expected from a Harris radio in the XG family.

TM9400 Mobile P25 Phase 2 Capable Radio

The Harris TM9400 P25 mobile radio, powered by Tait, supports multiple modes of operation for easy migration to more spectrally efficient communications. The radio delivers clear voice communication, data capability, security and multi-vendor interoperability.

The TM9400 integrates standard safety features including Lone Worker, a covert microphone, and stealth emergency modes for safe, effective communications in harsh environments. End-to-end encryption, a key-fill device, and Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR) enhance operational security. First responders can modify operation features through multiple configuration and programmable function keys.