P25 Dispatch

The right technology coupled with efficient design are necessary for effective dispatch operations. Ci offers a variety of feature-rich dispatch consoles that meet P25 standards for interoperability and integrate seamlessly with your radio system.

Ci is proud to be the Master Distributor of Zetron's MAX Call-Taking solution for the entire state of Florida.
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Symphony™ Dispatch Console

Designed with real dispatchers in mind, the Symphony Dispatch Platform meets the rugged needs and high reliability demands of a Public Safety Dispatch center.

A dispatch experience designed by you
Symphony’s patented Baton™ technology allows you to design your own console by placing your most utilized features directly where you want them.

Place the Baton on any screen, anywhere
The new Baton makes complex tasks simple by integrating directly with your existing 9-1-1 and CAD software allowing dispatchers to handle calls using a single monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Focus on what is important to you
Customize your screen with multi-tabbed modules; enabling you to move audio to different speakers, replay calls and handle emergency calls. All personalized just for you.

Symphony Dispatch Console

Symphony™ Brochure 1.17 MB 362 downloads


Symphony™ DataSheet 1.17 MB 250 downloads


VIP Dispatch Console

Created for the backup dispatch user, the VIP Console’s simple, intuitive design provides easy access to basic and enhanced dispatch functionality, and affords the administrative user an easy way to monitor radio system communications.

Powerful, compact communications
The VIP Console provides powerful, yet compact dispatch capabilities for use when the full-featured C3 MaestroIP™ Console is not required. With four communications modules, it is also perfect for administrative monitoring of system communications. Since the console can run on a standard PC desktop workstation or laptop, no extra equipment is required. The VIPConsole may be ordered with a Harris-supplied computer to guarantee public safety-grade operation or as a software kit for loading onto a laptop or CPU for on-site incident command vehicles or administrative use.

VIP Dispatch Console

VIP Dispatch Console 1.00 MB 331 downloads


Crescendo™ Portable Automated Communications Command Center

The Crescendo™ provides a quickly established automated command center that allows personnel in disaster recovery or in-field incident response environments to use their existing communications to rapidly interoperate with others.

Rapid Deployment
Lightweight and transportable, Crescendo is easily deployed into the field, making it ideal for disaster recovery and rapid onsite incident response. The system provides flexible and seamless communications between IP and analog phones, radios and cellular equipment. Its extremely compact footprint fits easily into a vehicle or the overhead locker of most aircraft. Based on our advanced end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) product, SwitchplusIP®, the Crescendo allows a wide variety of communications systems to be automatically routed, patched and conferenced together—making it a truly interoperable communications solution for those in the field.

Crescendo Portable Automated Communications Command Center- Inside Case
Crescendo Portable Automated Communications Command Center- Outside Case

Crescendo™ Brochure 1.04 MB 227 downloads


Zetron MAX Call-Taking

Zetron’s MAX Call-Taking provides solid reliability in an end-to-end IP, Next-Generation 9-1-1 telecommunications system. It offers a full range of features and functionality, and employs the latest standards-based IP protocols and IT best practices to offer the highest levels of scalability, usability, adaptability and availability.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Intelligent User Interface (UI)
  • Automatic Call Recovery (ACR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Next-Generation 9-1-1 Capabilities
  • High reliability and cost-effective scalability
  • Low power consumption
  • Digital, end-to-end IP
  • Remote access and maintenance
Zetron MAX Call-Taking

MAX Call Taking Spec 779.77 KB 390 downloads

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