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Engineering Design

Our Approach

Every RF communications system is different, and there can be many hidden problems in a network’s design. Communications International’s staff can solve the most difficult problems in RF communications to ensure your field team is always connected always. Whether you need urgent help for a specific issue, smooth transition from legacy systems with no coverage loss, or custom design and build of a reliable system, our partners know that calling us is the best way to solve their hard problems. We are right there with you.

Solution Architecture & Modernization

We work with our customers to migrate legacy components of their communications system in a way that avoids disruption for end users. Ci is most aware of the critical environment our customers operate and the zero acceptable of an outage.

Our team can handle any situation, whether it’s providing coverage in places like tunnels, buildings, and crowded cities, or overcoming geographic challenges that need full connectivity over large areas. Ci is always there to help you navigate the course and ensure a successful outcome.

Integration & Deployment Services

Our integration services provide high availability and dependability for the communications you support.

We can help you with any network lifecycle requirements, from implementing physical systems to providing ongoing RF coverage analysis, frequency channel design and network configuration management.

Before we deploy new or upgraded equipment in the field, Ci offers staging and testing services from our advanced RF network configuration facilities. Our highly trained and dedicated installation staff is right there with you to ensure your system is fully functional.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

We have the knowledge and the skills to handle any problem, no matter how complex or how many different technologies are involved. Our products are versatile and adaptable to any situation. Our service teams have decades of experience to ensure problems are not only identified promptly but issues are resolved in a timely manner.

We also offer maintenance contracts that you can tailor to your specific needs for long-term network upkeep, enabling you to prevent expensive and urgent repairs in the future and keep your network running smoothly.

Contacting us after struggling with a complex problem for a long time? That’s okay – many of our loyal customers first approached Ci with a very specific, otherwise intractable issue. Ci is dedicated to always being right there with you. There is little tolerance for error when critical communication is at stake.

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