DMR Repeater

DMR Repeater products offered by Communications International.

TB7300 Base Station Slimline DMR Capable Repeater

The TB7300 seamlessly integrates with the Harris 9300 series Base Station. Working as an IP-node, the system supports multi-site networking and a simplified migration path between DMR Tier 3 trunked networks and conventional Tier 2 applications. The Slimline DMR Capable Repeater supports extensive remote diagnostic features while minimizing power consumption. Workforce safety and operational efficiencies are enhanced through embedded location data, status messaging, as well as remote network management and monitoring.

Compact, Rugged DMR Base Station/Repeater
The Harris TB7300 delivers exceptional receiver performance and is engineered for easy transportation and installation. This Slimline solution, powered by Tait, is equipped with a robust processing engine designed to meet future needs through road mapping and regular firmware updates.

TB7300 Base Station Slimline DMR Capable Repeater

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