P25 Repeaters

The P25 vehicular repeater is a mobile, self-contained radio system that provides portable users with extended connectivity.

P25 Cross-Band Vehicular Repeater

The P25 Vehicular Repeater is a public safety mobile radio system that operates in a P25IP digital trunked system. The P25 Vehicular Repeater provides portable users extended connectivity for P25IP trunked networks, 700 to 800 MHz communications on Project 25 networks, and digital voice and AES encryption.

Operating Modes

  • P25IP Trunking

Available Bands

  • 700 MHz
  • 800 MHz


  • Encryption
  • User ID from the portable
  • Portable Registration
P25 Cross-Band Vehicular Repeater

TB9100 Base Station P25 Capable Repeater

Design of this Base Station, powered by Tait, includes industry-standard interfaces and modular expansion options for a cost-effective solution. Fully P25 compliant, the TB9100 can be configured as a repeater or as a base station in a digital P25, analog FM or mixed-mode radio network. IP connectivity delivers advanced capabilities for remote diagnostics, performance analysis and alarm and alert configuration.

Modular P25 Architecture with IP Connectivity

Engineered for dual-mode operation, the Harris TB9100 gives users a flexible migration path from analog to P25 digital communications. Operational efficiencies are also enhanced with intuitive software for fast creation of custom applications, system configuration and upgrades.

TB9100 Base Station P25 Capable Repeater

TB9400 Base Station P25 Phase 2 Repeater

The Harris TB9400 Base Station, powered by Tait, is a reliable, scalable open-standards-based P25 migration solution. This interoperable base station/repeater has multimode functionality providing analog simulcast over IP, P25 Phase 1, and P25 Phase 2.

With a modular design, as well as remote management and monitoring options, the TB9400 is an efficient, cost-effective solution that can adapt and grow with an organization’s P25 radio system. The integrated software voter and simulcast controller reduces your need for additional hardware and saves rack space. Remote management and monitoring options include combined diagnostics and access level control, multiple user accounts, fault diagnosis, and detailed alarm monitoring and management.

TB9400 Base Station P25 Phase 2 Repeater
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