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The right technology coupled with efficient design are necessary for effective dispatch operations. Ci offers a variety of feature-rich dispatch consoles that provide the tools you need at the touch of a button to ensure a rapid response.

Ci is proud to be the Master Distributor of Zetron’s MAX Call-Taking solution for the entire state of Florida.

Max-call-Taking (1)


Zetron’s MAX Call-Taking provides solid reliability in an end-to-end IP, Next-Generation 9-1-1 telecommunications system. It offers a full range of features and functionality, and employs the latest standards-based IP protocols and IT best practices to offer the highest levels of scalability, usability, adaptability and availability. Product Features and Configuration Intelligent User Interface (UI) Automatic Call Recovery (ACR) Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Next-Generation 9-1-1 Capabilities High reliability and cost-effective scalability Low power consumption Digital, end-to-end IP Remote access and maintenance



AcomNOVUS serves at the center of complex dispatch operations throughout the world. Acom generates some of the highest rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the industry. AcomNOVUS delivers high availability, customization, interoperability, and end-to-end redundancy in an enterprise-class server architecture that supports the full use of IP technology. More Interfaces, More Connections, More Control Because AcomNOVUS supports more interfaces than any other system, it’s able to interoperate across equipment, departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. This gives you the vital connections you need during large-scale events and emergencies.



‘Scout’ is a true VoIP console system. Scout is Avtec’s 4th Generation console product, and was designed for a 10+ year lifecycle in mission-critical environments. Scout provides a dedicated media workstation with its own Ethernet connection and rugged peripherals. This gives customers the option to operate on standard PCs and benefit from reduced life-cycle support costs. It is also offered in a software only configuration. Scout is built on open standards and provides interfaces to numerous radio, telephony, CAD, and recording system partners to support both interoperability and customer choice.

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