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Your radio system’s overall performance depends on each individual piece working together seamlessly, and at the core of your mission critical infrastructure is its microwave and transport network. We offer a comprehensive and completely customizable portfolio of microwave and network products to meet your individual system requirements. By incorporating the technologies offered by our partners, we can create a robust network that seamlessly integrates your mission critical voice and data.

Ci is proud to be the Master Distributor of Microwave Networks, Inc. (MNI) products for the southeastern United States.

Aviat Networks is the leader in wireless transport and access solutions. We have been building advanced networks for mobile operators, Wireless ISPs, public safety, utilities, oil & gas, mining, transportation, and government agencies across 170 countries for more than 70 years.

With our pioneering digital microwave, millimeter-wave and multi-band systems and software, such as innovative split-mount architectures, unique single-box multi-band radios, industrialized PTP/PMP and Private-LTE, and powerful expert software solutions, Aviat consistently drives down total cost of ownership (TCO) while enhancing network performance and reliability.



Native TDM and Ethernet Hybrid Transport Radio The Proteus MX is a mission critical Ethernet/TDM Hybrid radio. Designed for bandwidth speeds up to 350 Mbps, it offers Ethernet and TDM signaling in a single, feature rich, and fault tolerant platform, allowing easy migration from TDM legacy networks to Gigabit Ethernet. The Proteus MX is designed with 100% redundancy of all traffic and overhead channels and with automatic switchover. This makes it the perfect choice for Public Safety, Government, Utility, and Critical Infrastructure networks.



Expand Ethernet Coverage with Minimum Impact Proteus OIP is Microwave Networks’ complete outdoor Ethernet transport solution for networks which have stringent “zero footprint” requirements. It is ideal for use in emerging 4G/LTE/WiMAX networks as well as in traditional cellular, enterprise, utility, railroad and public safety systems. By completely eliminating the need for rack space within shelters, cabinets and enclosures, Proteus OIP offers the perfect solution for remote or small-impact deployments while still providing carrier-grade service, reliability, and rapid ROI.

products nokia 9500


9500 Designed with packet technology as its foundation, the 9500 Microwave Packet Radio (MPR) maximizes spectrum utilization while reducing the TCO of microwave networks. The 9500 MPR facilitates legacy-to-packet transformation over a common, converged packet network. It also offers the highest functionality with the smallest footprint, addresses any network topology, and is highly scalable and resilient. The 9500 MPR is ideally suited to address the needs of mobile backhaul, energy, transportation, and public sector communications and last-mile service access.



Multiservice access and aggregation for mobile backhaul and mission-critical networks Designed to facilitate legacy to packet transformation, the Nokia 7705 SAR is ideal for fixed and mobile operators seeking mobile backhaul solutions as well as for industries, enterprises and governments delivering legacy and advanced IP services. The 7705 SAR is available in multiple compact platforms that reduce equipment footprint and energy costs. These platforms deliver highly available services over a wide variety of network topologies. Strong QoS capabilities deliver customer satisfaction and the ability to differentiate service levels.

Aviat WTM 4000

WTM 4000 dramatically lowers the cost of microwave, millimeter wave, and multi-band transport and backhaul networks. A compact all-outdoor dual-transceiver architecture with integrated IP/MPLS removes the need for an indoor unit or a stand-alone router. High system gain reduces antenna sizes and tower lease costs, while a unique one-box multi-band provides high capacity over longer distances, with lower spectrum fees and minimal upgrade costs.

Aviat IRU 600 UHP

The IRU 600 UHP, with its Ultra-High Power (UHP) feature, surpasses all alternative options in transmitter power. This translates into extended path distances, more unlocked ability, smaller and less expensive antennas, and a reduction in tower-related costs. The UHP option also allows 11 GHz to mitigate the effects of interference on the 6 GHz band, cutting the need to deploy space diversity for high link availability.

Aviat CTR 8740

CTR 8740 is the industry’s most affordable and resilient , 5G-ready converged transport router. The CTR 8740 addresses evolving fiber and microwave transport and backhaul needs for all networks. It is compact and easy to use, 5G-ready, and supports native IP/MPLS and segment routing, High Availability (HA), and strong security options, 10 GE Ethernet ports, and NETCONF/YANG management for SDN automation. With its versatile feature set, CTR 8740 is a single solution for all-indoor, split-mount, and trunking radio architectures. Its high capacity switching fabric allows deployment in access, pre-aggregation, or aggregation applications, in a variety of topologies.

Aviat FAS (Frequency Assurance Software)

Aviat’s Frequency Assurance Software is a cloud-based application custom built to monitor and detect interference, perform trend analysis of the network over time to track any increase of interference, and isolate problem links often before noticeable impacts occur. FAS incorporates Aviat’s popular paperless chart recorder (PCR) application to simplify root cause analysis and isolate and analyze interference events with a single click of the mouse.

Aviat HAS (Health Assurance Software)

Network operators are always seeking to improve network performance and reliability, but real-time monitoring and management of a microwave network is challenging and labor-intensive. Aviat’s Health Assurance Software (HAS) is a critical cloud-based software tool that simplifies the complexity of link management and troubleshooting, greatly improves microwave network reliability and performance, and lowers OPEX.

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