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Expand your current radio system or create your own self-administered push-to-talk (PTT) communications and dispatch system utilizing existing commercial broadband networks.



Experience a secure group-communications app that enables Push-to-Talk (PTT) and real-time location and presence information between team members—all from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Innovative features save you time and money while increasing your communication coverage and efficiency. Stay connected to your team’s smartphones or land mobile radios with the use of the most advanced P25 Push-to-Talk app. BeOn is actually an app running on your commercial smartphone or PC, but it looks like an LMR radio to your system. This makes BeOn the perfect solution for administrators who need to communicate or track location of team members—without the added expense of an additional LMR radio. BeOn provides a direct connection to the network backbone of many LMR systems, and has been designed to mimic the features of P25 radio networks including: Group or Individual Call Distress Caller ID 256-bit AES Encryption Late Call Entry Priority and Preemption Group Scanning Supervisor Override, and many other features BeOn is a transferable license and has no recurring fees!

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