NOW AVAILABLE: Radio Rental Program

Two men in hard hats and one is holding a handheld radio
Two-way radio

Ci Radio Rental Program

At Ci, we understand that occasionally circumstances arise that require additional or short term radio support. From special events and community activities to job sites and plant turnarounds, sometimes the best solution for your needs and budget is a temporary one.

Our Radio Rental Program offers you the flexibility of renting the onsite two-way radio equipment you need for the length of time that you need it, whether its weeks, months or just days. Radios will arrive programmed to operate on standard digital frequencies or can be pre-programmed to your requested UHF or VHF frequencies.

Rental radios are a great way to minimize the financial impact of a capital expenditure, with rent to own options also available.


Radio Rental Program 1.16 MB 154 downloads


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