Logging Recorder

Your radio system’s overall performance depends on each individual piece working together seamlessly, and at the core of your mission critical infrastructure is its microwave and transport network. We offer a comprehensive and completely customizable portfolio of microwave and network products to meet your individual system requirements. By incorporating the technologies offered by our partners, we can create a robust network that seamlessly integrates your mission critical voice and data.

HindSight Multimedia Logging Recorder

HindSight addresses many challenges faced within mission critical 24/7/365 recording. It captures and archives all communications data that comes through: audio from radio or phone, text messages, screen video, events, and metadata from other sources.

Designed for High-Availability Mission-Critical Applications
Can Be Configured for Virtually Any Number of Channels
Over 80 Different Integrations Available with Radio, Phone, Console & CAD Systems
On-Premise & Virtual Deployment Options
Web-Based Client Access
Information Assurance/Hardened Solutions

  • Record analog and digital audio, text/SMS, data, events, photos and video from a variety of systems.
  • Supports the latest industry standards like NG 9-1-1, i3, and P25.
  • Made in the United States and supported by regional staff throughout North America.
  • Find a record, tag, bookmark, export or download it, and redact sensitive information.
  • Locate records quickly with powerful search, tagging, bookmarking, and custom filters.
  • Ensure uptime in real-time with complimentary fault-monitoring tools.
  • Easily configure redundant or geo-diverse redundant recording systems.
  • Fully Compatible with Ears 104 & Ears Mobile Logging Recorders
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