Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Utilized frequently in the business critical and commercial sectors, DMR is a sensible choice for many businesses requiring a communications system for their campus or facility. Ci has Tier 2 and Tier 3 infrastructure solutions.

TN9300-1 DMR Tier 3 Trunked Network Node

Advanced technologies and multiple redundancies built into this Tier 3 Trunked Network Node, powered by Tait, ensure secure and reliable communications over wide geographic areas. Voice and data capabilities enhance worker safety through multiple call types, including messaging to track location and status. The Harris TN9300-1 establishes calls to radio fleets, and supports maximum spectrum use with trunking, two slot TDMA and Network Gateway connections to legacy analog consoles. Businesses gain operational flexibility with multiple interfaces for external applications and software support for single and multisite services.

Harris TN9300-1

TN9300-1 DMR Tier 3 161.32 KB 297 downloads


TN9300-2 DMR Tier 2 Conventional Network Node

The TN9300-2 efficiently establishes calls for radio fleets and consolidates control, monitoring and programming of Tier 2 conventional networks. The node supports multiple standardized interfaces and software for single and multi-site services. Designed for low energy consumption and durability, the TN9300-2 features a solid state drive and is sealed for protection from dust and salt fog conditions.

Harris Harris TN9300-2

TN9300-2 DMR Tier 2 248.18 KB 331 downloads

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